Personal, Home or Small Business Consulting

20 min Complimentary 1:1 Meeting — FREE

A complimentary 20 minute one on one PHONE strategy session ($50 Value). Bring your most immediate concerns and let’s strategize for 20 minutes. One time use only. At the end of our 20 minute session, you can evaluate if consulting is right for you and your personal, home or small business goals. Providing a positive commitment from you and Christine Baker Marriage, we will move immediately into our first 30 or 60-minute coaching session.

30 min Brainstorming Session — $79 VALUE

Do you need to dust off your ideas and structures of your personal life, home or small business? A 30-minute PHONE brainstorming session would be perfect for you.

60 min Strategy Session — $149 VALUE

A 60-minute PHONE strategy session. Bring your questions and problems and I will help you find answers and solutions.

VIP Intensive — $599 VALUE

Three hours of IN-PERSON strategizing and organizing of your home or business structure, goals and vision. Two follow up 30-minute PHONE consulting sessions are also included and must be scheduled within 6 weeks of the initial VIP day.

Weekly and Monthly Programs are available

There are currently no openings for weekly or monthly programs. Once Christine finishes up with her current clients she will inform you of her availability. Please inquire about a waiting list by emailing her at

Let’s sit down and customize a plan that is right for you that will answer your questions, that will solve some key problems that you are facing and that will let you design a life full of balance and joy.