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Your life can include time for things that bring you joy!

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Say Hello to JOY Again!

We often get caught in the day-to-day parts of life that can burn us out, make us forget our “why,” and rob us of joy.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With my tips, planners, and reminders, you can have joy every day. 

Does your physical space feel overwhelming?

Do you find yourself wishing life was easier?

Do you feel like you're surrounded by stuff?

Could you use more joy in your life?

Do you keep buying "things" to fill the voids?


Whether home or work, learn to set goals and meet them by getting your schedule and physical space organized.


I’m excited to offer virtual retreats and other fun online (and in person) events. Check back frequently!


Find the right tools to make life more joyful, whether it’s a new planner, storage cubes, or journaling!


The ultimate goal in all that you will learn is making room in your life for joy – the ultimate gift!

About Me

I find life incredibly interesting. I especially find how we spend our time the most intriguing.  Do you ever stop to think about how life just happens? Time keeps ticking along whether we want it to or not. Life doesn’t care if we are in crisis, or depressed, or stuck in a rut. Life keeps on walking, and if you’re lucky it occasionally looks back and asks us, “are you coming or not?” 

Now I spend time helping others work through the feeling of being stuck – in your physical space and in emotional places, too. 

Let’s talk about how we can work together to get you unstuck and into a place of JOY!

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Does life feel chaotic and unproductive? Are you merely coasting through life instead of thriving? In my book, Need More Time?, I talk about how to stop being busy and start being productive.

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