Remember that line from the movie, “The Help”…

‘You is smart, You is kind, You is important.’

That was a profound moment in movie history as far as I am concerned. It emulated the most basic sentiment that each of us needs to understand. 

You are important. You, my friend, are just as important as anyone else in this crazy world of ours. 

So then why don’t we take care of ourselves? For me, the answer lies in my upbringing. Growing up in a Christian household, I was taught to give until I had nothing left. Helping others was the basis of a good life and taking time for myself could take away from opportunities to serve others less fortunate and therefore would be seen as selfish. 

Sound familiar?

I agree with the call to help others in any way I am capable, however, I do not agree with the giving until I am spent. You know the meme that is going around for the last 7 years or so…You can’t drink from an empty cup?

Still valid. 

My thoughts are this. My first responsibility is to myself. It is my obligation to be the best person I am capable of at any given time so that not only am I able to give of myself freely and without restraint but that I am also ready for changes, celebrations, and crisis. 

This is why self-care or self-management is so important. It is not a luxury. It is fundamental to living your best life. 

Check out my Podcast about Self-Care #7 dropping on September 1, 2020. 

When I ask my clients what they do about self-management, some look at me with a blank stare. They don’t remember what their interests are or what they liked to do that made their hearts happy. 

Okay…I am going to make this statement and I mean no disrespect. Not taking the time to manage your health and your interests is a direct reflection on how you view your worth. 

The excuse, “I don’t have time!” is just that; an excuse. We have nothing but time. 

{Read my book “Need More Time? I CAN Help!” if you don’t believe me.}

You are smart, kind, and important to other people so start being that way to yourself. You were meant to create change in this world. Now go get on top of your game and shake things up. The world needs YOU to be the best YOU, you can be. You are worth it!

This is not the end of the conversation on self-care as I am passionate about teaching you how to initiate your own self-care, but I will leave you with this 2 part challenge. 

Part 1: Create a list of what you like to do now (hikes, movies, wandering drives, tennis, bike rides, new recipes, meditation time, read etc), what you used to like to do as the younger version of you and what you think you would like to do as future you.

Part 2: Pick something and do it. 

It literally is as easy as that. Reconnect with yourself, reset your pace, and remember just how important you are. 


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