Friday Favorites

These are some of my favorite things that I was working on this week.

Keep the Quote / Positivity Project

As many of you know, I have recently changed positions in the school district I work for. I am now in junior high as a Teacher’s Assistant for Technology and for 504 Testing Accommodations. It is an exciting addition to my experience repertoire and I am enjoying it very much. I made it a goal of my new position to share some positivity by rotating out inspirational quotes. Here is one from a few weeks ago. It’s a timeless sentiment for all ages.


If you have any suggestions as to what I should add to my door for my weekly inspirational “Keep the Quotes”, please shoot me an email via or connect with me on Facebook and Instagram on my More Rood For Joy handle. I would love to hear your ideas and quotes! Thank you in advance!


Get Holiday Ready

I am probably going to get myself in trouble for saying this but the holidays will be upon us soon. Don’t worry, it panics me too. That is why I created a Holiday Survival Handbook. It is my gift to you! Here is the FREE Handbook where you will find some holiday survival tactics that could help you create more joy and less stress this holiday season!


What I am doing this weekend…

This weekend I am going to Edcamp in my home city. A local school district is hosting an “unconference” for teachers and administrators. It’s a unique platform that I am excited to experience with other like-minded educators. The school district I currently work for recently used this type of format for their Superintendent’s Professional Day and I felt it worked out really well. I could choose what breakout sessions I wanted to attend and if the session was at its max capacity, I just went to my next choice. No questions asked, no shade for walking in late to another workshop. It was refreshing! The topics are sourced by the attendees on the day of the event so it is personalized to the attendees’ interests. It’s a non-traditional approach to professional development. I can’t wait to share how it went!



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