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Sometimes we can get caught up in our daily lives and leave home projects to the wayside. The “go through” pile continues to grow, the laundry mysteriously multiplies, and the house generally feels tired.

Maybe a reflection of how we are feeling? Quite possibly!

My vision for my home is that it is my safe haven, a place to retreat to and replenish my energy. My home can’t be or do those things if it is chaotic and tired.

The other side of this is that many of us have been sequestered to our homes for the last year or so. The walls seem closer and the more time we spend within them, the more we notice their flaws. With any update or makeover, there is a renewed sense of beauty, function, and a fresh breath of life within the space. It feels good, scratch that, it feels GREAT to bring fresh life into your space, especially if you are going to be spending a “quarantine” amount of time there.

NOW, is the time to create a space that suits you, compliments your personality, and nourishes you daily.


12 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

Here are a few ways to fall in love with your home again and return to the nurturing space it once was.


Use candles to create a warm glow and a pleasant aroma. Don’t like scented candles? No problem! I use these candles daily. It makes the whole first floor all glowy and cozy! Even my 11-year-old loves them. He especially likes the remote control!

Rearrange your furniture

My mom would do this whenever she was experiencing cabin fever. Switching the layout of your space severs old patterns and tricks the brain into thinking that the new layout is new and exciting.

Make your home shine

Cleaning your windows and floors make your home sparkle. It also helps to make it feel well taken care of. I have all hardwoods in my home and use the Rejuvenate floor cleaning product (subscribed in Amazon Pantry for every 2 months) all of the time. It makes my wood floors look SO SHINY and clean.


Decluttering is a process that is easy for some and difficult for most. Having less stuff to take care of, dust around, move through, in turn, lightens up the atmosphere of your space thus creating a love-love relationship with your home. This is one of my favorite things to help my clients do – so if you need help don’t hesitate to hit me up for a complimentary discovery call so we can see how I can help you accomplish your vision and help you fall in love again with your space.

Bring the outdoors in

I am NOT talking about rain or snow but greenery! I am not a green thumb by any means whatsoever but almost anything can grow on my windowsill. If you don’t have a window with sunlight peeking through, may I suggest a plant of the artificial variety? Seeing greenery inside your home alerts your brain that your home is alive, thriving, and welcoming. Perfect to help you fall in love again!

You could also go with a fresh flower subscription service. Many of your local florists have them nowadays.

Update your color scheme

You don’t need to repaint an entire room. Painting one wall in a bold, beautiful color is less time-consuming and economical! You could also switch up your pillows. Many home decor places have every color or style of pillow known to man and also have pillow cover options as well so you can reuse your existing pillows. It’s a fun way to brighten things up seasonally or permanently.

Add a surprise element to your decor

While studying design, I read that each room should have a surprise element incorporated in it. Here is an article about it if you want to investigate further. I couldn’t decide on a backsplash for my kitchen after researching and shopping for months, so my surprise element in my kitchen is a chalkboard backsplash. It is so much fun and really stops people in their tracks!

Hang new art

Original art from local talented artists is extremely affordable. If you can’t afford the original, see if they sell a print of your favorite piece and spend the money to get it professionally matted and framed. It is worth the money and will be a wonderfully unique addition to your space.

Light up Your Life

Changing out light fixtures can add a whole new dimension to the relationship with your space. Update your lighting options to fit the decor will renew your love for your space. You will literally see things in a different light. There is a pleather of options out in the marketplace. Choose what makes you the happiest!

Renew your Rug

Recarpeting the entire house may not be an option, but an area rug is always a fun addition to any room, entryway, or space. We currently have a gigantic area rug in our laundry room and it makes doing laundry that much more fun (and I dislike doing laundry a lot)!

Welcome Yourself Home

Decorate your entryways for you! You deserve to be welcomed into your home just as much as your guests do. What do you want to see when you return home?

Create a “You” Space

A “You” space is an area in your home that you feel most yourself in. It could be a home office, your bed sprinkled with 20 pillows and the softest blanket, or a reading nook also used for mindfulness activities such as yoga, meditation, and journaling. I recommend you pick somewhere that can be used year-round and that is solely for you! In my neck of the woods having an outdoor space is not ideal so my “You” space is my office where I have all of my favorite things. I have special things displayed that I have collected over the years, artwork from all of my children, a picture of my family, and anything else that is highly sentimental to me. A personal space like this looks different for everyone. If you live on your own, then your entire space could be a “You” space. The point of this particular suggestion is that you deserve a space, as does each individual that you live with, that serves only you, where you can retreat to, to rejuvenate at your own pace.

The key to falling in love again with your space is to create a space within your home that serve you. If it doesn’t make you happy or dare I say, bring you joy, then get rid of it and let someone else love it. You deserve to live in a space that you love, that excites you, returns you to your center, and fills your cup!

What are ways you update your home and make it a safe haven for yourself?



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