Someone asked me the other day what inspires me. I knew where she was going with the question and I was there for a quick deep dive into reasons and directions for future endeavors, however, I was quick to answer. 

I couldn’t think of anything other than my go-to response which is my family and my children. Without a doubt my family, my husband, and my children continue to amaze me and inspire me to be a better person daily. I wasn’t satisfied with that answer though. I know other things inspire me, but what? 

I let the question marinate for a bit and as I did, the list began to unfold. I would love to share the unfolded version if you don’t mind as I am hoping it will get you thinking and creating your list too. 

My Inspiration:

  • The bright sunshine on a spring morning – any morning really
  • People who are afraid but choose to do “it” anyways
  • Cooking Shows
  • Traveling
  • A very sharp Ticonderoga #2 yellow pencil
  • Classical music
  • The complete sentence, “Help, please.”
  • People who smile  
  • Freshly picked flowers
  • Sunday dinners
  • People who take the time to look me in the eye when we are sharing space
  • A long, warm, enveloping hug 
  • Legos
  • Of course my inner circle 
  • Always my children
  • But especially the bright sunshine

It occurs to me as I move through this list that all of these “inspirations” bring me joy. They make me smile. They influence me to be the best version of me. I should do more of that.

Note to self: Experience more of what brings me joy.  

Enough about me…what inspires you? What keeps you going? What puts that beautiful smile on your face? I can’t wait to hear about YOU! 




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