Amidst all of the chaos of our current world, I still truly believe life can be sweet.

Call me an optimist and pass me my rose-colored glasses. I admit that I wear them.

Life is difficult. I am not going to pretend that it is not. I also am not going to invalidate anything anyone is going through. Quite the opposite.

The devastation of the racially motivated events of the last week, the last few months the global pandemic and subsequent quarantine have left many of us with our spirits wounded and our hearts broken and confused.

The protector in me wants to fix things for everyone that is hurting. The dreamer in me wants to ensure that justice and equality will in fact prevail one day. While I work on that and continue to learn how I can best be of service to create unity amongst my brothers and sisters, I still want to bring hope and joy to our daily lives.

That may seem silly and frivolous right now in the current state of our society, but I am always striving for balance. When the pendulum swings one way, I ask myself what can I do to coax the pendulum back the other way to have it wind up in the middle so it creates harmony, balance, hope, and joy?

So in the spirit of attempting to spread hope, joy and even some well earned love this month, I would like to celebrate (with you) something silly and frivolous. National Candy Month!

It just so happens, that I LOVE candy. It is a fun little treat for me that puts a smile on my face every time I partake! I would like to share the same joy with you. You deserve it! I invite you to share with me what your favorite candy is. Each week I will pick 5 winners and will have candy sent to them! I promise not to spam you or sell your information. I am not that type of blogger!

How much fun would it be to receive a little bit of joy in the mail? 

Please fill out the form below and let me know what your favorite candy is! I will pick the winners on a Facebook Live feed EVERY SATURDAY at 10 am for the month of June on the More Room For Joy Facebook page. So let me know which candy is your favorite and tune in!

In the meantime, I pray you are safe, healthy, strong and finding peace in the little things.



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