If you are anything like me, I love my family and friends. I am also okay with being alone for a bit without socialization or interconnection. I call it, balance. Others call it being a homebody.

Being in and out of quarantine has been somewhat ideal for the homebody in me. It has also highlighted how many social interactions and connections I miss and take for granted. I miss human connection and interaction. Human connection is vital to maintaining our physical existence and mental health. It is important that we maintain interactions with other humans.

I had no idea how excited I would become after seeing the crossing guard of the school that I work at wave at each passing car or greet every student. He has still managed to maintain a connection with his people even under restrictions.

It is also impressive to see what others are doing to celebrate special occasions, birthdays, graduations, and the like. The creativity used to make people feel special, supported, and loved has been outstanding to witness.

It got me thinking…how can we safely do the same but within our personal social circles?

I recognize it’s been just about a year now since the beginning of all this Covid craziness but many of us are still struggling with the uncertainty and enormity of the pandemic. Not to mention all of the other crises that are popping up (what seems like daily).

Here are a few ideas of how we can safely maintain social connection:

    1. Go on Virtual Dates. Whether it be an actual date or a meet up with 20 of your closest friends and family, platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Apple FaceTime, and Zoom offer an array of options to see someone’s beautiful familiar face and catch up.
    2. Continue to Celebrate Special Occasions. It will look and feel different but not celebrating at all seems worse.
    3. Host a virtual tasting party. Gather up the people that you think would participate and set a time for a tasting party. It could be food-related or drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) related. There are a few ways to do plan this out.
      • As the host, you purchase all of the supplies (several bottles of different craft beers), gather up necessary accessories (glasses, snacks), and deliver them to each participant with an invitation to meet online at an agreed-upon date and time. (This makes a great gift idea! )
      • As the host, you invite people to join a virtual meeting on a set date and time and give them a grocery list of what to purchase beforehand. Either way, you choose to host, you can still lead the group in divine tastings, interesting information about your choices, and every one’s thoughts and favorites. We did this a few weeks ago with some family and friends and had a BLAST!
    4. Play Games! Here is a great article about games you can play online with your loved ones.
    5. Use your phone to CALL someone. I know this sounds silly but many of us have gotten out of the habit of actually calling people. There are other ways to connect that may be more within our comfort zone, but sometimes we need to do what the person on the other end of the phone needs and push ourselves just a little. It will be worth it in the end and the connection will be that much deeper because of your effort.
    6. Host an online Book Club. My dear friend and mentor, Sheila Kennedy is hosting a book club all of this year. It’s looking amazing! Check it out HERE. Consider hosting your own with your workmates or close friends! 

There are endless ways to remain connected. The true message here is to STAY CONNECTED. I would love to hear the creative ways you have tried to stay connected with people in your life and how the above suggestions worked out for you.


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