Feeling Overwhelmed?

Have you ever walked into a room with every intention of “picking it up” or “finally getting through those boxes” only to walk right back out because you were so overwhelmed? It’s just way too chaotic right? Those feelings of overwhelm are beyond overpowering and would make anyone run! There is nothing wrong with you when you experience those feelings. You are actually quite normal. Good news right?

I have been there and felt all of those feelings. I totally get it. 

Side note: Check out my Top 10 Productivity Tips to help keep you on top of your game and less overwhelmed! 

Top 10 Productivity Tips

 Can we please talk for a hot minute?

Those overwhelming feelings that you experience when you enter that cluttered room or chaotic space are VERY normal. They are sparked by experiencing chaos. Chaos, by definition, is complete disorder and confusion. Your chaos and my chaos are probably completely different, but the reaction to it, is very much the same. It is common to get overwhelmed by a task that seems too big. These overwhelming feelings are a visceral reaction to perceived stress. Your body is essentially protecting you from a potentially harmful situation (the physical chaos) and your body naturally enters into a “fight of flight” mode. So being overcome by confusion and helplessness is totally legit. It’s a physical reaction to your physical environment. You REALLY are normal!

Does it begin to make sense now? 

I completely understand what you’re going through. I have been there and I know how to help.

If you don’t want to live like that anymore then it’s time to transform a chaotic, overwhelming space into a place that brings you peace of mind, empowerment and joy. The goal of professional organization is to create a space for you that is nurturing, efficient, easy to manage and enjoyable.

Let’s work on leaving those feelings of chaos and overwhelm behind and get back to the life and lifestyle you want and deserveTo figure out how best to tackle the chaos, let’s schedule a time to chat where we can discuss your dreams and goals of the space(s) you want to tackle. Book your complimentary discovery session [VIA PHONE] on the link below.

What happens after our Discovery Session?

After our initial conversation, and if we are both in agreement to move forward, you can book a 30-minute On Location Consultation* for $49 which can be scheduled via the link below. This consultation will offer me the opportunity to assess your selected area and determine an effcient strategy to reach your goals for your space. A proposal for the project will be offered at the time of the consultation. The $49 will be applied towards the total cost of the project.

*A Travel Fee may apply to any areas outside the Monroe County (New York State) service area.

I look forward to helping you make More Room For Joy.


Residential Organization

  • Room organization
  • Entire Home organization
  • Decluttering 

Business Organization

  • File management
  • Paper file scanning and storage
  • Individual and Team Workspace Organization


  • Move-out ready – Packing and management system
  • Move-in ready – Unpacking and organizing
  • Downsizing