Gratitude, especially when life seems exceptionally challenging is difficult to conjure up.

Yet, I would argue that it is exactly what we need in order to gain perspective, insight, and hope.

I will be the first to admit that being grateful does not come easily or naturally. It takes diligent practice, like any other worthwhile habit. I grew up in a household where gratefulness was ingrained in our experiences, good and bad, from an early age.

Gratitude is easily accessible when life is good and carefree, but if we are out of practice, then finding gratitude in troubling times is laborious.

Practicing a coping skill such as gratitude creates a reliable reflex for any anticipated scenario and initiates a conscious decision to positively determine any experience’s outcome.

Simply put – gratitude can turn any situation around.


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[Gratitude Challenge – November 2020]


Now don’t get me wrong, practicing gratitude doesn’t suddenly produce dancing unicorns coming from glistening rainbows created out of fairy dust that magically makes everything better. The challenges are still just as hard.  Practicing gratitude shifts the focus from you being the victim of the challenge, tragedy, or issue to being in the driver’s seat of the situation. You get to design how the experience will play out by utilizing the power of gratefulness.

Grab a favorite notebook or even a word document on your device and join in on the practice of gratitude that we have begun for this month. See Gratitude Challenge Here. Look for more gratitude journal prompts coming at the end of the month so you and I can continue our practice.




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